Equity Based Software Product Development

Software Product Development is a complex enterprise. Entrepreneurs seeking to take a product to market need a partner that has the technical expertise, skin in the game and an interest in the success of your venture in order to make your vision a reality. Only an owner can fill those roles. That's where Morris Equity LLC comes in.

Joint Venture not Solo Adventure

Whether you have a relatively simple or seriously complex product on the drawing board you require execution on many fronts from project management to coding to distribution and licensing. We provide you with the parts of the software lifecycle that complement your in house capabilities to bring your system to life without the huge up front cost of traditional outsourced software development. As a part owner of the product your success is our success.

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About Us
Software Engineering is just the beginning

Morris Equity LLC is not just some developer you hire to implement a scope of work, but rather a full partner involved in every aspect of the product lifecycle. As a joint venture partner we bring to the table decades of experience bringing software products large and small from concept to distribution allowing our partners to focus on business development.

Our Specialties
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We work closely with you see that our product is built on a strong purpose built foundation.

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Our US based teams handle every aspect of the software development process with your help.

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Our robust technical support complements and reinforces your frontline customer facing support.

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When you initially contact us do not go into the details of your proposal until we have an NDA and a no compete agreement in order to protect yourself and us. If you are serious about business development of a software based business you have planned then contact us now.

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