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About Us
The smart alternative to DIY

Bringing a software product to market is a daunting task for the newcomer. From interviewing, hiring and supervising freelancers to distribution and support there is a steep learning curve. Instead we offer the alternative of bringing on a part owner that can take care of that and more allowing you to focus on your business.

Our joint venture models
Straight Equity

In this model we handle development of the product with no up front costs to you in exchange for a percentage of a newly formed entity. This is reserved for the most promising plans.

Hybrid Equity

Our hybrid equity model is for projects which have very large front end costs. In addition to an equity position in a newly formed entity we will ask you to pay some of the development costs.

Stock Option

In limited circumstances we will consider stock in your existing corporation that will own the finished product. We may also ask that you pay some of the development costs.

We look for the best plans

When partnering with individuals and companies to develop software products we invest significant resources in the product. Because of that we can only take on products that we can see taking off. By doing so we don't drive up costs on unprofitable ventures. We use the term plan rather than idea because we are looking for partners that have a real business plan for the product they are proposing. If you need help getting from idea to plan we have some guides to help with that as well.

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Our Brands
Magic Box Software

Develops and markets utility and web application software intended primarily for the small and home office space. 

Mike's Magic Box

Develops and markets printer utility software to SMB and enterprise clients. Developer of the Print Queue Cleaner.

Zero RT

Developer of a zero dependency runtime to support ultra-lightweight utilities for the Windows API.